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The proposed organizational arrangement between the University of Hawaii and the NSF I/U CRC Connection One includes having the Hawaii Center for Advanced Communications (HCAC) be the contracting arm for the University of Hawaii and will provide the administrative support for the I/U CRC research site. We strongly believe that renewal of the UH site will help expand the collaborative research activities among the Connection One group and will help enhance the research and educational activities among the participating universities and perhaps beyond.


HCAC is a research Center in the College of Engineering, and for the joint activities with the NSF I/U CRC Connection One it will provide the technical expertise and the research facilities that will help faculty from the University of Hawaii fully and effectively participate in the Connection One research activities. The research site at the University of Hawaii will follow and obeyed by the policies and procedures established earlier by NSF I/U CRC Connection One Center. HCAC has extensive research activities in wide variety of areas including high performance antennas and antenna arrays design, propagation modeling in urban environments, DSP and smart antenna algorithms, buried target (UXO and IED) detection and classification, and RFIDs and wireless sensors networks. As for the laboratories facilities, HCAC has significant and State-of-the-Art laboratories including wireless testbed, an indoor antenna range, a microwave network analysis and materials characterization lab, and an RF devices fabrication and characterization lab. In addition, the HCAC has recently established a laboratory facility and testbed for developing new technologies for the detection and classification of buried objects. 


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