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04/23/07 - Short Courses & Workshops registration fee for students is now 50% off.

Short Courses Co-Chairs
Shigeru Makino
Mitsubishi Electric Co.

Danilo Erricolo
University of Illinois, Chicago

Below is a list of the Short Courses to be offered at the 2007 AP-S Conference. For more information, click on the titles to download each Short Courses' abstract/outline.

Course Title
Sunday, June 10
Friday, June 15
Half/Full Day

1. Design Aspect of Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line Metamaterials Sunday Half AM
2. Effect of Bandwidth On Antenna Performance Sunday Half AM
3a. Design of RFID tags and systems Sunday Full
3b. RFID Antennas and systems: Part 2: R/W Antenna Design Sunday Half PM
4. Genetic Algorithms (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in Engineering Electromagnetics: Let Darwin and the Bees Design your Antennas Sunday Full
5. Multiple-antenna systems for communications - Smart antennas, MIMO systems, and the propagation channels they operate in Sunday Full
6. Base station antennas for mobile communications, [outline.pdf] Sunday Full
7. An Introduction to UWB Antennas and Practical Applications Sunday Full
8. Iteration free approaches to solving Large antenna and scattering problems Sunday* Full
9. Planar antennas for wireless communications and their recent advances Sunday Half PM
10. Wideband Propagation Theory and Modeling Sunday Half PM
11. Cloaks and Bandgaps with Soft-Hard Surfaces Sunday Half PM
12. Fresnel zone plate antennas for microwave, millimeter wave and terahertz frequencies Friday Half AM
13. Design and evaluation of antennas for communications with diversity and MIMO Friday Half AM
14. Wideband antennas for modern wireless communication systems Friday Half AM
15. Small Antennas Friday Full
16. A look at some of the principles of wireless communications from a Maxwellian viewpoint Friday Full
17. Miniaturization and material design methods for antennas Friday Full
18. High Speed 3D EM Simulation of Smart Antennas, [outline] Friday Half PM
19. Reverberation Chamber for Characterizing Antennas and Mobile Terminals under Rayleigh Fading: Efficiency, TRP, TIS, AFS, diversity, MIMO, UWB. Friday Half PM
20. Dielectric Resonator Antennas Friday Half PM

*Needs to start 15 minutes BEFORE short course #1 because Prof. Mittra teaches in both courses.

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