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Plenary Presentations

Title Presenters

Enhancing Access to Radio Spectrum (EARS)
Lawrence Goldberg [biosketch]
National Science Foundation

Wideband, Multifrequency Ferrite-Loaded CBS Antennas with Nonuniform Field Bias
Constantine Balanis [biosketch]
Arizona State University

Retrieval of Constitutive Parameters in Metamaterials (IEEE AP-S Distinguished Lecture)
S. Maci
University of Siena, Italy

Emerging Research in Green Technologies at NSF
R. Trew
ECCS, National Science Foundationg, USA

Antennas in Real, Meta, and Virtual Forms
Lotfollah Shafai [biosketch]
University of Manitoba, Manitoba, Canada

Wireless Communication Security: Physical-Layer Techniques Exploiting Radio and Propagation Characteristics
Michael A. Jensen [Abstract]
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brigham Young University

The Importance of the Antenna in a Wireless System (Abstract)
Tapan K. Sarkar [biosketch]
Syracuse University

Wideband and Low-Loss Metamaterials for Microwave and RF: Fast Algorithm and Applications (IEEE AP-S Distinguished Lecture)
J. L.-W. Li
University of Electronic Science and Technology, China
2000-2012 Hawai'i Center for Advanced Communications, University of Hawai`i