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Call for Short Course, Workshops, and Special Sessions

Short courses, workshops, and special sessions within the conference "topics of interest" will be scheduled on the first and last days of the conference. Interested authors and organizers are encouraged to submit topics and contact either Dr. Yun or Dr. Youn for additional information. The deadline for submitting short course abstracts, workshop outlines, and proposed titles and scope for special sessions is August 31, 2012.

Topics of Interest
  1. Active Antennas
  2. Channel modeling
  3. DOA estimation
  4. Fading countermeasures
  5. Indoor and urban propagation
  6. Multi-antenna systems
  7. Millimeter wave & terahertz technologies
  8. Mobile and PCS antennas
  9. Phased arrays
  10. Smart antennas and arrays
  11. UWB systems
  12. Wideband and multi-frequency antennas
  13. Propagation Issues in Artic Region
  14. Space and mobile platform-based radar
  15. Advanced RF & microwave circuits
  16. Integrated circuits and antennas
  17. MEMS and applications
  18. MMICS and RFICS
  19. Power amplifiers for mobile devices
  20. High power and efficient RF transmitters
  21. Low Noise and Linear Amplifiers
  22. RFID technologies
  23. Filters and Passive Components
  24. Modeling, Simulation, and CAD
  25. Signal Generation, Synthesis, and Conversion
  26. HF Radar Technology & DHS Applications
  27. Education
  28. Biological Effects & Medical Applications
  29. Adhoc networks
  30. 3G/4G wireless applications
  31. Emergency location
  32. Heterogeneous wireless network
  33. Software defined/cognitive radio
  34. Wireless mesh networks
  35. Personal and Body area networking
  36. Cooperative and Relaying technology
  37. Wireless sensor networks
  38. Wireless Security
  39. Communication Issues in Artic Region
  40. Others
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