Visitors and Seminars

Date Name and Affiliation Title of Talk
August 2009

Professor Esmat Abdel-Fattah Abdala

Electronics Research Institute

Cairo, Egypt

August 2009

Professor Hala Abd-Elmonem El-Sadek

Electronics Research Institute

Ciaro, Egypt

July 2008 – September 2009

Ms. Dalia Elsheakh

Visiting Research Scholar

Electronics Research Institute

Ciaro, Egypt

June 25-26, 2009

Dr. Scott Douglas

Southern Methodist University

Dallas, Texas

Designing Pre-College Engineering Curricula and Technology; Lessons Learned from The Infinity Project
February 24, 2009

Dr. Fridon Shubiditze

Thayer School of Engineering

Dartmouth College

UXO Detection and Discrimination in Underwater and Magnetically Susceptible Environments
February 10, 2009

Ms. Amalia E. Barrios

Atmospheric Propagation Branch


RF Propagation Modeling and the Advanced Refractive Effects Prediction System (AREPS) Overview at SSC Pacific
January 21, 2009

Mr. Steven Blumenthal

Head of Ground Networks for O3b

Connection the Other 3 Billion
December 9, 2008

Dr. Peter de Maagt

European Space Research and Technology Centre


Terahertz Technology for Space and Earth Applications, and
Electromagnetic Bandgap Materials

September 9, 2008

Ms. Alyssa Magleby

Visiting Research Scholar

University of Utah

Wireless Communication for Sensor Networks on Aircraft and Other Complex Channels
April 8, 2008

Ms. Donya He

BAE Systems

Cognitive Radios, Cognitive Networks and Dynamic Spectrum Access
March 18, 2008

Professor Cynthia Furse

University of Utah

Have YOU  Thought About Engineering (RET Seminar)

March 18, 2008

Professor Cynthia Furse

University of Utah

New ECE Laboratories – Integrated System – Level Design,

February 21 – March 19, 2008

(seminar series)


Professor Yuriy Shkvarko

Visiting Research Scholar


Unidad Guuadalajara, Mexico

Algorithm Design for SP Inverse Problems
February 5, 2008

Mr. Thomas Jeffrey Gamey


Recent Experience with Full-Tensor Squid Magnetic Gradiometers for Unexploded Ordnance Detection
December 20, 2007

Andy Molisch, Ph.D.

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs and

Lund University

MIMO Antennas, Propagation Channels, and their Impact on System Design
April 23, 2007

Lawrence S. Goldberg, Ph.D.

National Science Foundation

NSF Program Opportunities in Engineering
February 23, 2007

Professor Tapan K. Sarkar

Syracuse University

Computational Electromagnetics

February 22, 2007


Professor Magdalena Salazar-Palma

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid


Finite Element Method for Solution of Electromagnetic Field Problems

February 6, 2007

Agilent Technologies

Waikele Golf Club

Agilent Signal Acquisition – Understanding Measurement Fidelity in Digitizing Instruments

December 1, 2006

Professor Constantine Balanis

Regents’ Scholar

Arizona State University

Smart Antennas for future Reconfigurable Wireless Communications Networks

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