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Low-Cost High-Performance Hybrid Smart Antenna Array for Advanced Wireless Communication Applications

Sponsor: Motorola Wireless

PIs: Magdy F. Iskander, and Nuri Celik

Cyber-enabled RF propagation modeling for advanced wireless communications systems

Sponsors: NSF, BAE, L3 Communications, Opcoast LLC

PIs: Zhengqing Yun

RFID, Sensing Networks, and Gateway to the Internet- An Electromagnetics Based Design

PIs: M.F. Iskander, N.Celik, H.S. Youn, J.M. Baker

High Performance, Low-Cost, Multiband Antenna Arrays with Beam Steering Capabilities for Wireless Communication Systems


Sponsors: Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research

PIs: H.S. Youn, C. Tanaka

Electrically Small, High-gain, Multi-bands Antennas using Compact Yagi and Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) Ground Plane


Sponsor: LG Electronics

PIs: S. Lim

HF antennas for Surface wave and Over the Horizon Radar applications


Sponsor: Department of Homeland Security

PIs: M.F. Iskander, J.M. Baker

In-situ Measurement of

Electromagnetic Properties of Material


Sponsor: US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Division

PIs: H.S. Youn

Magneto-telluric Detection for Metallic Buried IEDs using Superconducting Quantum Interface Device (SQUID)


Sponsor: Office of Naval Research

PIs: M.F. Iskander, H.S. Youn, J. Kobashigawa

Autonomous decision making system using Genetic Programming and Neural Networks


PIs: M.F. Iskander, H.S. Youn, J. Kobashigawa

CP-Stethoscope: A Non-invasive Sensor for Vital Signs Monitoring and Measuring Changes in Lung Water Content


PIs: M.F. Iskander, N. Celik, R. Gagarin, G.C. Huang

Buried UXOs detection/classification using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Sponsor: US Army Night Vision  and Electronic Sensors Division


PIs: M.F. Iskander, H.S. Youn, Z.Q. Yun, M. Evans, J. Johnson

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