The University of Hawaii (UH) has been one of the pioneers in the area of wireless communications technology, having developed, over thirty years ago, the first wireless packet radio system based on ALOHA protocol. Ideas used in this protocol strongly influenced the development of the CSMA/CD access protocol used in Ethernet, the network model most widely used in computer communications. More recently, and with the recruiting of new faculty, the research focus at UH has been shifting more towards the physical-layer type of projects including innovative antenna designs ; DSP for smart antennas, blind-multiuser detection, and cooperative diversity ; propagation prediction and modeling of wireless networks ; RF and quasi-optical devices]; and the development of computationally and power-efficient iterative decoding algorithms for wireless communications systems.

The Hawaii Center for Advanced Communications (HCAC) at the University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus, is a research and education center established in 2000 by the Board of Regents in the College of Engineering. HCAC supports research and training on a wide range of advanced communications technologies. The main focus of the communications research at HCAC is in the area of broadband wireless with emphases on using electromagnetics assets (antennas, propagation modeling, radar design and signal analysis) and digital signal processing algorithms (smart antennas and algorithms for buried target detection and classification) in the design and overall optimization of advanced wireless communications and radar systems. Specific research projects with strong external funding are in antennas and antenna arrays design, propagation modeling and channel sounding, the development of signal processing algorithms for smart antennas and multi-user detection, advanced integrated design for HF radar for Homeland security applications, and the development of ground penetrating radar technologies for buried targets detection and classification.






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