Faculty & Staff




Magdy Iskander
Professor and Director of HAWTI
Computational electromagnetics, antennas and wave propagation, biomedical applications

Zhengqing Yun
Associate Professor
Radio propagation modeling, ray tracing

Yuanzhang Xiao
Assistant Professor
Decision making problems (in particular, optimization, reinforcement learning, and game theory); wireless communications, power systems, and socio-technological networks


Affiliated Faculty

Peter Berkelman
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Haptic interfaces, surgical robotics, magnetic levitation

Anders Host-Madsen
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Statistical signal processing, information theory, and wireless communications, including ad-hoc networks, cooperative diversity, wireless sensor networks, heart monitoring, signal processing for underwater acoustics, and big data

Marcelo H. Kobayashi
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Computational fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics, dynamical systems, topology optimization

Aaron Ohta
Professor, Electrical Engineering
The design, fabrication, and application of microfabricated devices, including microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), biomedical microdevices, microfluidics, optofluidics, and reconfigurable electronics

Galen Sasaki
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Communication networks with an emphasis on optical networks, performance evaluation, scheduling, routing, protection, and quality of service

Wayne Shiroma
Department Chair/Professor, Electrical Engineering
Microwave, millimeter-wave, and quasi-optical electronics



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